• Top 50 Wedding Favor Ideas

    We’ve bundled up our top 50 favorite wedding favor ideas!
    But 50 is a lot, right?
    So we’ve broken it up into 5 bite size categories that are easy to digest and super fun to consider!


    The items in this category are all edible and, for the most part, can be locally sourced —which we love!

    1. Local honey
    2. Mini liquor bottles
    3. Custom cookies
    4. Midnight snacks
    5. Coffee beans
    6. Infused olive oil
    7. Himalayan salt (because it’s pretty) or some type of custom seasoning
    8. Homemade limoncello or liqueur 
    9. Maple syrup
    10. Hot sauce
    11. Favorite flavored jelly beans or champagne gummy bears


    Who doesn’t love giving to their favorite causes?
    Maybe you foster
    Military Working Dogs and want to make sure they are being taken care of when they return from duty.
    Or maybe your grandfather served in
    The Mighty Eighth Air Force during WWII…

    1. Provide charity options and let guests choose where their donation goes
    2. Have a set charity or charities without the option to choose


    These are a great way to decorate your spaces so they really serve two purposes.
    More bang for your buck!

    1. Potted plants
    2. Seeds
    3. Seed paper as place cards
    4. Local or homemade soaps
    5. Succulents
    6. Local or homemade candles
    7. Lavender sachets
    8. Framed pressed flowers as place cards
    9. Potpourri
    10. Incense


    We love when the guests have just as much fun as the couple.
    And what better way than to give them something fun to do!?

    1. DIY flower crowns
    2. Candy bar
    3. Photo booth (can double as a guest book too)
    4. Tattoos
    5. Temporary tattoos
    6. Vases/bottles to be used at the end of the night for left over florals
    7. Packet for the kids (can include crayons and a coloring book, etc)
    8. Interactive art work
    9. Flip flops for tired dancing feet

    Personalized Touches

    If you’re going for a classic touch, monograms and personalized items are on point.
    But if they’re also something that guests can use for years to come, even better!

    1. Embroidered handkerchiefs
    2. Hangover kits
    3. Wine or beer glass
    4. Paper fans
    5. Agate slice place cards
    6. Luggage tags
    7. Matches
    8. Tea towels (our favorite)
    9. Tamborines
    10. Ribbon streamers
    11. Mugs
    12. Bottle openers
    13. Sleep masks
    14. Parasols or umbrellas depending on the weather
    15. Key chains
    16. Blankets or throws
    17. Sunglasses
    18. CDs or mini USBs filled with your favorite music

    If you thought these ideas were super fun and unique, wait until you see what we come up with for your wedding! 

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  • Why You Deserve a Wedding Planner

    Wedding management services can save your sanity.

    Congratulations! You’re engaged! Now what? Have you ever planned a wedding before? No? That’s ok! That’s why there are professionals. We’re here to help guide you through this amazing process. We’re here to make your life easier. We want you to be able to enjoy the fun parts of planning the best day of your life while we worry and stress about the ~ugh~ things. Wedding planners and coordinators can help you save money, keep you on track, and stress less!

    We always start by determining your style and budget. In order to have a successful wedding, these two things need to align. Pinterest is super great for inspiration. But it’s likely that those pins were staged. They really don’t do a great job at portraying the costs of a real wedding. And what may be affordable to some, may also break the bank for another. Sticker shock is huge in the wedding industry. How much time did you spend going back and forth with a vendor JUST to get their pricing? As wedding planners and coordinators, we make it our job to know how much each professional charges for their services and how they structure their pricing. By determining your style, we’re able to help guide you to the best vendors who will be able to provide what you want at a price you can afford.

    We also know how they work together too. If you’re having fresh flowers placed on your cake, you’ll want to consider if your baker has worked with your florist before. Do they agree on who will take responsibility for placing the flowers on your cake? It’s important to know who works well with others when liability issues can arise. And as coordinators, that is literally our job. To coordinate your vendors.

    Who doesn’t love discounts?!

    Lots of wedding planners are partnered with amazing companies. With all of the discounts we can provide to our clients, sometimes we even pay for our own cost of services! For example, Devoted Wolf Events has partnered with Minted and BBJ Linen. We can help you get discounts ranging from 25-100% off save the dates, invitations, monograms, linens, and other various items and services.

    If you’ve never planned a wedding before, would you know how long it takes for your caterer to serve each guest? If you want stunning outdoor photographs, do you know when golden hour is? Details like this are huge when creating your timeline. They may seem small and insignificant but it could mean the difference between a beautiful picture just before sunset when the lighting is perfect and a disastrously dark picture that no amount of light and airy editing can save.

    Even if you can’t afford a full service wedding planner, you owe it to yourself and your friends and family to, at the very least, hire wedding management services. Don’t ask your best friend or aunt to help coordinate everyone on your wedding day. Ask them to be present and enjoy your day as guests. 


    What used to be called day-of coordination has shifted significantly. There is simply no way to execute a successful event without coming in a few weeks prior to verify all vendors and details have been covered. This is why you may be seeing a lack of ‘day-of’ wedding planners. But rest assured, we’re still here to help, we’re just shifting the phrasing a bit. Let us come in and wrap up any loose ends. We will make sure no detail was overlooked or forgotten. Because let’s be honest, that’s your biggest fear isn’t it? 

    To help put your mind just a tiny bit more at ease, why don’t you get our list of items we keep in every one of our emergency kits? It’s super easy. Just contact us today! Let’s schedule a complimentary consultation and see how wedding management services can help you stay stress-free!

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