Are you on the fence about a first look?

It used to be that it was bad luck to see each other before the ceremony.
But I think we can all agree that it takes a bit more than luck to ensure the success of a wedding.

I’d love to break down some reasons as to why a first look is such a good.
As a bonus, I’ll also add a first look alternative if you’re set on meeting at the altar. 

Alone Time

This may be the only opportunity you have to spend some “alone” time together.
—Keep in mind you’ll want your photographer and cinematographer close by too.
Take this moment to embrace one another.
The next time you see each other, you have to wait to be pronounced before you can do kissy face time. Even so, it’ll be in front of all of your friends and family. 


Imagine walking toward the love of your life as you’re about to vow to spend a lifetime loving each other.
Beautiful, right?
Now picture how it will really be:
Surrounded by a couple hundred of your nearest and dearest.
(Do you even know that person 7 rows back and 4 deep?)
Talk about being a nervous wreck.
But if you’ve already seen each other and spent that alone time really connecting, you’ll feel much more at ease and comfortable knowing that it truly is just the two of you going on this journey together. 

More Photos

It’s true!
If you do a first look, you will have so much more time for photos.
Now that you’ve gotten the first look out of the way, you can also get all of the bridal party and maybe even some of the family photos done BEFORE the ceremony even begins.

Allowing you more time to enjoy…

Cocktail Hour

You’re spending a lot of money on that open bar and those butler passed hors d’oeuvres.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy it too?
If you’ve already knocked out a majority of the formal photos BEFORE the ceremony even took place, you’ll be able to hop right into cocktail hour and grab a snack and a drink and mingle. 


Let’s not forget how emotional you’re going to be on your big day.
If you do a first look early enough, chances are, your on-site beauty team will be more willing to stick around for any last minute touch ups before sending you down the aisle.
This means when you cry, you’ll still have someone there to wipe away that mascara and reapply your lipstick one last time.
Talk about looking your best for ALL THE PHOTOS!

Listen, if you’re on the fence because you don’t want to be seen in your wedding dress before the ceremony, why not get two? You could always use that one as your reception dress…

Do you really need another excuse to go dress shopping?

And as promised, an alternative.

I get it. Traditions are so so important. I just want to make sure you’re cool as a cucumber and truly enjoying your special day. Have you thought about a first look with someone different in order to help calm those nerves? This option can also give you some fantastic photos to look back on. Doing a first look with Dad or Grandpa can be just as lovely. And if you don’t have a special guy in your life, consider your mom. She would absolutely LOVE to be included. This can be such a sweet way of honoring the person that has made an impact in your life. I’m sure you have at least one!

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