Now, more than ever, is a time to take every win we can. Every silver lining. Every small blessing.

One of the best things I’ve experienced through all of this is the time I’ve gained with my husband. And, of course, our ridiculous dog.

I’ve been working from home for some time. He, on the other hand, just started. So it’s been fun to help him acclimate to a homebound work schedule. Does that mean I need to remind him to actually go upstairs and work and stop bugging me? DAILY. But that also means we get to finally have lunch together. And if we both finish up early for the day, we get to come up with fun new things to do together to help keep our minds off of this crazy situation we’ve found ourselves in. 

Here are our top date ideas for quarantined couples:

-locals, there’s a special treat for you towards the bottom!
  • We’ll get this one out of the way real quick because there’s only so much Netflix and Chill we can all agree on. But, the couple that binges together, stays together. If you haven’t already been witness to the Tiger King train-wreck, do yourself a favor. Just hop on. Then you’ll both finally get to appreciate all of the glorious memes floating around social media right now. What a time to be alive…
  • Have a spa day. Pamper each other. Don’t lie, you love it. 
  • Who doesn’t love a picnic? Put together a quick little pile of snack foods. We know that’s all you bought when you went shopping two weeks ago. Get out in the yard! Take a blanket, some Cheez-Its, maybe even that bottle of wine you’ve been ‘saving’ and take turns practicing bird calls.
  • Give in to the video games. Find one you both can enjoy. Whether you’re destroying together or destroying each other, you’re sharing the experience. And that’s fun, right?
  • Take a yoga class together. If you had a yogi, chances are, they’ve gone virtual to help you out! Follow their Facebook or Instagram for their latest updates. If you didn’t have one before, now is the time! A quick search and we’re sure you’ll find one you both enjoy. 
  • Join a book club. Or create your own! Give each other a list of your all time favorite books and set up a future date to chat about why they mean so much to you. Literary love can be so profound. 
  • Take a virtual tour of a museum you’ve always wanted to go to. A great place to start would be the Smithsonian. The National Museum of Natural History has a super fun virtual tour. USE TECHNOLOGY. 
  • On that note, learn a new subject. Or, better yet, teach each other about a topic you’re passionate about. Get creative with it. Have a presentation. 
  • Speaking of presentations. If you’re anything like us, you LOVE a good dinner party. “But if there’s no party, what’s the point in dressing up the table?” -you may ask. Stop it. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Dress that table. Light those candles. Why the hell not? (We’d love to see it if you do! Tag us in it and use the hashtag #DWEdinnerparty so we can feature you!)
  • Dying to see the Northern Lights? You can stream that now too. We’re telling you, technology FTW. 
  • This would also be a perfect time to look up to the sky. Less cars, less light pollution, more beautiful stargazing opportunities. 
  • I have two left feet. No amount of classes will ever help that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have fun trying! Have a dance party in the living room. Jam out to your favorites, slow dance to some oldies, and sing your Sasha Fierce heart out. No judgement. 
  • Get out in the yard and do some much needed landscaping. You know who you are. Plant a flower. Plant a tree. Some nurseries delivery. Check with your local ones and see what they’re doing to help the homebound masses. 

If you’re missing your Atlantic City fix:

  • Dust off that old Monopoly set and try to take over The Orange Loop.

  • Turn it into a drinking game as if you really ARE at Tennessee Ave Beer Hall. 

  • Plan a Bourré Cajun-inspired dinner and give each other a show.

  • Finish it up with whatever chocolate dessert you have on hand. We know it’s not nearly as good as anything over at MADE. We recommend pretending.

  • “KEEP YOUR SPIRITS UP” by ordering delivery from your favorite distillery! If you’re in the surrounding area, check out Little Water Distillery. They’re offering free delivery with a Quarantine Pack! They’re literally the best. 

  • Go out for karaoke. Just kidding. Please stay in. Especially for karaoke. There are a ton of free apps. Yay technology! Yay drunk living room karaoke! You can even dress up as your faves!

  • And if your arm is aching with the need to throw an axe, we are not telling you to pretend like Westecunk Axe Throwing is in your backyard. First of all, that might not be your fence. What we are telling you to do is pretend like pillows are axes. Preferably inside the house. See where that takes you. 
Let us know in the comments below how you're getting creative with dating!