We’ve teamed up with Billie of Best Day Ever Weddings and Jasmine of Let It Be Lovely Events to bring you a video addressing major concerns and questions we’ve had from clients and those affected by this crisis. 

Huge thanks to John of PGP Weddings for hosting us on his show Say Yes to the Best

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Here is a list of some of the common questions we’ve been asked that we address in our video (and a timestamp of where to find the answer!):

  • Should I postpone or cancel my wedding? (2:33)
  • My wedding is scheduled for May, June, July 2020 in NJ.  Should I postpone? (6:01)
  • My destination wedding is scheduled for May, June, July 2020.  Should I postpone? (7:55)
  • What is the process I should go through in order to postpone my wedding? (9:43)
  • Now that I’ve decided to postpone my wedding, I’ve learned that one or more of my vendors aren’t available on my new wedding date.  What do I do? (12:23)
  • How should I notify my guests that my wedding has been postponed? (14:18)
  • How should I handle the payments that would be due to my vendors based on my original date seeing my new wedding is months later? (15:33)
  • Is there a way that I can still get married on my original wedding date? (17:21)
  • Now that my wedding date has moved out several months or more and my planning is essentially done, what should I do with the time between now and then? (18:50)
  • My wedding is scheduled for 2021 and I’ve not started planning.  What should I do? (20:40)

BONUS: Why hire a wedding planner now? (23:27)