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    The truth behind why day-of wedding coordination just doesn’t exist anymore

    Day-of Wedding Coordination doesn’t exist anymore. 

    What used to be called day-of wedding coordination has shifted significantly. There is simply no way to execute a successful wedding without coming in a few weeks prior to verify all wedding vendors and details have been covered. It’s like showing up to a final exam that you’ve never even studied for competing at the Olympics without any formal training. You want your wedding planner to be prepared for everything that might happen.

    We need to know who all of the key players are and what they’re bringing to the table the day of your wedding.

    This is why you may be seeing a lack of day-of wedding planners when it comes to the professionals. What you should be searching for if you truly want a stress-free wedding planning experience is a Wedding Management Package. Rest assured, we’re still here to help on the day-of the wedding, we’re just shifting the phrasing a bit. Let us come in a little early and take the weight off your shoulders. Let us wrap up all of the loose ends so you can spend more time enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. We will make sure no detail was overlooked or forgotten. And in enough time to save your wedding day! Because let’s be honest, that’s your biggest fear isn’t it? 

    day-of coordination


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    To help put your mind at ease, why not contact us and find out how you can get monthly reminders delivered right to your wedding email so you don’t miss a thing! Our costs don’t go up just because we’re coming in a couple months before your wedding day. 

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