Like the shot heard ’round the world:

“I don’t need a wedding planner; my venue has a coordinator!”

Instead of being worried about losing a sale, we’re more concerned for this couple and their expectations.

Misinformation is the leading cause of unrealistic expectations (so is Pinterest!) and we’d love to help educate and shed light on this interesting topic.

Most of the time, venues will have a coordinator. And they are more than capable of managing your wedding day timeline if that’s truly all you need. However, they are almost never responsible for any of the planning that happens before your wedding day.

Questions about the fine print at the bottom of your entertainers contract? Not sure how to word the invitation when both spouses are retired military? Speaking honestly here, your venue coordinator just doesn’t have time to answer those questions. At least not when you need them answered. During the week, they’re busy showing off their beautiful grounds to couples just like you. And on the weekends, they’re probably juggling 2-4 events and making sure the banquet staff are ready to serve dinner on time. And due to high turnover, the coordinator on the day of your wedding may not be the person you originally met with when touring the facilities.

If you decide to utilize your venue coordinator, make sure you are asking them the right questions and finding out what exactly their responsibilities are leading up to the wedding and on the big day. With that information, you are in a better position to decide if you really will need additional assistance and it will also help manage your expectations for them on your wedding day.

-More often than not, the venue coordinator is not there to ensure that your outside vendors fulfill their obligations, set up your wedding decor, or manage your wedding day timeline.

This is in no way an attack on venue managers or coordinators. We LOVE working with them to help make the day go smoother. On the contrary; we often hear about them getting bad reputations because they didn’t fulfill duties that were in no way theirs to begin with!

So many venues are starting to require couples hire at least a day-of coordinator (check out my post on that here). They recognize that it takes teamwork to make your dream work! They’re able to focus on the things they need to while handing off the tough stuff to us. This process makes your day run like a well oiled machine. Because their main responsibility is to protect the venue and make sure that everything that they provide is in working order, and available to you and your guests. But when it comes to making sure the baker places your florists flowers exactly how you want on your wedding cake? That’s all me!

Most people don’t think that hiring a planner or coordinator is within their budget. We know that it is a significant investment, but assure all of our couples that we are able to save them time, money, and a lot of stress. If you want to hear about how we could help plan your wedding day, please contact us today!

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