wedding planner fixing wedding shoes on bride

Everyone says it… 

"Something can and will go wrong."

If you have a great wedding planner though, chances are, you’ll never have a clue as to what really went down behind the scenes. 

But after 4 years of planning weddings, I think it’s time to break it to ya’ll. 

Shit really can hit the fan. 

Do you want your mom cleaning up that mess?

Here are my top 85 favorite behind the scenes stories.

—Not to scare you! 

But maybe to open your eyes to the value of a non-biased, third party advocate who’s only job is to make sure there’s a smile on your face at all times. 

We really are willing to do anything for our clients!

bride kicking her feet up in a chair -Cairnwood Estate Wedding Shoot
  1. Handle guests who show up after the ceremony has already started.
  2. Give family members ‘jobs’ so that they leave you alone all day.
  3. Run out and buy a missing or forgotten item.
  4. Rearrange furniture.
  5. Be your advocate when it comes to a vendor not following through with their contracted services.
  6. Take the blame when a guest or family member disapproves of a decision you made.
  7. Growing up in Florida taught me how to fill and run a generator!!
  8. Complete a reception set up in less than 30 minutes.
  9. Save your wedding cake when it starts to melt because the baker decided not to follow our carefully constructed timeline.
  10. Create a cake topper out of florals.
  11. Make the baker return and fix the cake when the cake is not at all what you paid for.
  12. Have a fork, knife, plate and napkin ready for your cake cutting.
  13. Have a damp napkin available during your cake cutting in case you decide to smash the cake in each others faces.
  14. Have drinks ready for you and your wedding party after the ceremony.
  15. Make sure mom always has a drink in her hand.
  16. Make sure your photographer gets the photos you want.
  17. Steam your linens when they’re super wrinkled.
  18. Figure out an alternative if you are short on napkins/flatware/dishes/etc.
  19. Re-create centerpieces to make up for ones that didn’t arrive or died in the heat.
  20. Go buy more ice/beer/liquor/water/cups/etc when you run out.
  21. Take care of drunk guests by calling them an Uber.
  22. Put your cards in a safe place.
  23. Move your gifts to the designated person’s car or room.
  24. Make sure sparklers are handled and lit properly and don’t light you or your guests on fire.
  25. Make sure guests know to take favors at the end of the night.
  26. Place table numbers and place cards in the right locations.
  27. Make sure the correct number of chairs are at each table.
  28. Make a rain call and handle the last minute plans for weather.
  29. Serve a dinner buffet when discovering that their catering for their backyard wedding was just dropped off food and not a staff of people
  30. Move items so they won’t get rained on.
  31. Make sure you have your requested items at all of your place settings.
  32. Find the owners of lost items such as phones, jewelry, shoes, cameras, purses, and more.
  33. Keep your vendors on schedule so you can enjoy as much time in the moment as possible.
  34. Gather your bridal party for announcements and special events during the reception.
  35. Tell your vendors when to be ready for all of the events throughout the evening.
  36. Sew buttons back on to groomsmen tuxes.
  37. Run out in the rain to guide vendors to where they need to park during a backyard wedding to hide all of the cars.
  38. Safety pin your bustle back together because it likely WILL fall.
  39. Ask guests not to use tablets or phones in the middle of the ceremony aisle (because it will ruin your photos).
  40. Make sure drivers actually make it to their location instead of getting lost.
  41. Setting up chairs (or drying them) at the last moment so the couple can have their ceremony outside after a rain storm.
  42. Uncorking all the champagne because the caterer is running behind and it’s five minutes until the toast!
  43. Move/fix lights so they will effectively do their job of lighting a location.
  44. Count all of your rented dishes/flatware/glassware so you don’t get additional charges from your rental company or venue.
  45. Clear fallen branches/moss/debris from your ceremony area when a storm has just rolled through.
  46. Have back up plans on top of back up plans in place with the ability to enact them all at a minutes notice.
  47. Tailor a groom’s shirt when it arrives in the wrong size.
  48. Bug your photographer to get you back from portraits so you can enjoy a little bit of your cocktail hour.
  49. Remind drunk groomsmen that the first dance is supposed to be for the newly wedded couple…NOT them.
  50. Take apart and rebuild an entire bouquet that you hate.
  51. Find a solution when you’re short a rental table linens -or any other items.
  52. Sew a bridesmaid into her dress when she forgot to try it on before the wedding.
  53. Help a member of the bridal party get dressed.
  54. Help a member of the bridal party use the restroom.
  55. Step in as officiant when the contracted one is stuck in traffic.
  56. Put out fires. Literally. 
  57. Keep things going when the power goes out.
  58. Find the extension cord that someone accidentally unplugged, causing half the lights in a tent to go out.
  59. Find and set extra tables during cocktail hour when people who didn’t rsvp show up.
  60. Signal musicians or DJ on when to start songs during the ceremony.
  61. Make an ATM run when the couple forgets to pay vendors.
  62. Suggest to parents of children that they tame their kids during special events like the father of the brides toast.
  63. Keep copies of special songs on their phones just in case a DJ who’s confirmed he has everything he needs actually doesn’t.
  64. Help gather/wrangle family for photos after the ceremony.
  65. Go buy $100 in black extension cords when the lighting company shows up with bright orange.
  66. Mop the floor on hands and knees minutes before guests arrive.
  67. Re-fold 150 napkins when the catering staff can’t seem to get it right.
  68. Clean the flower girls face with your hand/dress because someone thought it was a good idea to give her candy 30 seconds before the ceremony.
  69. Bus glassware from cocktail tables and ledges when the staff isn’t keeping up.
  70. Battling the caterer to NOT have coffee cups or sugar caddies preset on the tables…and removing them when they won’t listen.
  71. Remove the tip jar that the bartenders snuck out (when you’ve already paid gratuity).
  72. Clean up the bridal suite.
  73. Decorate the bridal suite and give the bridesmaids the credit.
  74. Act as an MC when client hired a club DJ who wouldn’t make announcements.
  75. Change a dirty diaper.
  76. Bring extras of everything you said you would bring – just in case you forget.
  77. Clean up your reception in the dark, including hauling trash cans and trash bags.
  78. Bring you a pretty hanger for your wedding dress in case you didn’t get one.
  79. Clean up broken glass on the dance floor.
  80. Pick up dog poop.
  81. Gather groomsmen and bridesmaids gum in their hands seconds before sending them down the aisle.
  82. Direct the groom’s EMT co-workers to a victim of a heart attack DURING their vows while calling 911 and locating the defibrillator on the property.
  83. Cut and serve the wedding cake when the couple forgets to add on the cake cutting fee with the caterer.
  84. Fix a broken heel as the bridesmaid was about to walk down the aisle.
  85. Find a fill-in for a vendor who isn’t able to uphold their contract.

This list is in no way a complete list of the things we will do for you.
And as a Certified Wedding Planner, DWE has been trained for these emergencies and we truly have saved the day!

*some stories were borrowed from fellow wedding planners who we trust and admire*