Venue Coordinators VS Wedding Coordinators

Like the shot heard ’round the world:

“I don’t need a wedding planner; my venue has a coordinator!”

Instead of being worried about losing a sale, we’re more concerned for this couple and their expectations.

Misinformation is the leading cause of unrealistic expectations (so is Pinterest!) and we’d love to help educate and shed light on this interesting topic.

Most of the time, venues will have a coordinator. And they are more than capable of managing your wedding day timeline if that’s truly all you need. However, they are almost never responsible for any of the planning that happens before your wedding day.

Questions about the fine print at the bottom of your entertainers contract? Not sure how to word the invitation when both spouses are retired military? Speaking honestly here, your venue coordinator just doesn’t have time to answer those questions. At least not when you need them answered. During the week, they’re busy showing off their beautiful grounds to couples just like you. And on the weekends, they’re probably juggling 2-4 events and making sure the banquet staff are ready to serve dinner on time. And due to high turnover, the coordinator on the day of your wedding may not be the person you originally met with when touring the facilities.

If you decide to utilize your venue coordinator, make sure you are asking them the right questions and finding out what exactly their responsibilities are leading up to the wedding and on the big day. With that information, you are in a better position to decide if you really will need additional assistance and it will also help manage your expectations for them on your wedding day.

-More often than not, the venue coordinator is not there to ensure that your outside vendors fulfill their obligations, set up your wedding decor, or manage your wedding day timeline.

This is in no way an attack on venue managers or coordinators. We LOVE working with them to help make the day go smoother. On the contrary; we often hear about them getting bad reputations because they didn’t fulfill duties that were in no way theirs to begin with!

So many venues are starting to require couples hire at least a day-of coordinator (check out my post on that here). They recognize that it takes teamwork to make your dream work! They’re able to focus on the things they need to while handing off the tough stuff to us. This process makes your day run like a well oiled machine. Because their main responsibility is to protect the venue and make sure that everything that they provide is in working order, and available to you and your guests. But when it comes to making sure the baker places your florists flowers exactly how you want on your wedding cake? That’s all me!

Most people don’t think that hiring a planner or coordinator is within their budget. We know that it is a significant investment, but assure all of our couples that we are able to save them time, money, and a lot of stress. If you want to hear about how we could help plan your wedding day, please contact us today!

venue coordinator v wedding coordinator

Blooms + Brews Fall 2019

Blooms + Brews Fall 2019

Tickets for Blooms + Brews Fall 2019 can be found here.

Tyler Garden Presents
Blooms + Brews Fall 2019
Hosted by Devoted Wolf Events

Are you tired of the typical bridal shows and open houses that are full of vendors selling you things that aren’t even wedding related?

Join us on Sunday October 20th, 2019 for something completely different.

Doors open at 2p

Enter Blooms + Brews through the stunning Tyler Gardens and immediately receive a map with a schedule of events showcasing all that our open house has to offer.

Begin your Blooms + Brews experience by creating your own wedding palette. Go through magazine tear outs with paint swatches and ribbons to create your one-of-a-kind wedding style.

Next, head down to our beautifully styled (by Open Aire Affairs) ceremony space where you can interact with our lovely photographers and find out what style photography you prefer for your wedding!

// Amber Dawn Photography

// We Are The Kruks

// Afrik Armando

Step down further to our cocktail/education hour of Blooms + Brews. Because next, you’ll have the opportunity to “try on” a bouquet with Krista of Re+Bloom Couture Florals, receive custom makeup recommendations by Underground Artistry at our Beauty Bar, and even have your hair styled by Lovelies Braids + Styling at our Braid Bar. All the while, we will have live presentations from Amanda with Tyler Gardens, speaking about what to look for in a venue, Desiree’ with Devoted Wolf Events, to help you start planning your own wedding, Krista with Re+Bloom Couture Florals, about picking your perfect bouquet, and Meredith with Home Brewed Events to give you a run down on what you can expect during your beer tasting…all coming up next!

Once education hour is over, take the stone stair case to the large tented reception area sponsored by Open Air Affairs featuring even more of our wedding vendors in the Garden Pavilion Tent fully equipped with flooring, lighting, bar, bathrooms, kitchen facility, and bridal suite!

Experience what makes Blooms + Brews unique and enjoyable!

Not sure how you want to style your reception tables? That’s OK because Nicole is here to save the day! Lovely Luxe Rentals will have a table set up with different style tabletop rentals for you to play with. We’ll even have three different catering companies (Joshua’s Catering, Piccolo Trattoria, and The Red Cedar) providing excellent choices to coincide with your beer tasting at the bar hosted by Home Brewed Events. Desserts will be provided by Bredenbecks Bakery.

All the while, Partners in Sound will be bringing us the best in entertainment! When’s the last time you did the Limbo? Stay until the end and you might get lucky enough to catch the bouquet and maybe a discount or two…

By the end of Blooms + Brews, you’ll walk away knowing the answers to all of your wedding related questions. What type of photography style is best for your vision? When will your favorite flowers bloom and what might be a good cost alternative?

What you’ll also walk away with is a grab bag full of goodies and contact info JUST IN CASE you didn’t get ALL of your questions answered 🙂

Featured Vendors:
Venue // Tyler Gardens
Sponsors // Open Aire Affairs
Planning + Coordination // Devoted Wolf Events
Floral Design // Re+Bloom Couture Florals + Levone Florals
Brews // Home Brewed Events
Catering // Joshua’s Catering // Piccolo Trattoria // The Red Cedar
Desserts // Bredenbecks Bakery
Photography // Amber Dawn Photography // We Are The Kruks // Afrik Armando
Cinema // PGP Weddings
Stationery // Elephant Limbo
Rentals // Allaire Rentals + Lovely Luxe Rentals
Makeup // Underground Artistry
Hair // Lovelies Braids + Styling
Stylist // I Am Yoko
Photo Booth // Bluebird Hill
Jewelry // Harry Merrill
Entertainment // Partners in Sound

Tickets for Blooms + Brews Fall 2019 can be found here.

Questions regarding Blooms + Brews Fall 2019 can be directed to Devoted Wolf Events.

Day-of Coordination vs Wedding Management Services

The truth behind why day-of coordination just doesn’t exist anymore

What used to be called day-of coordination has shifted significantly. There is simply no way to execute a successful event without coming in a few weeks prior to verify all vendors and details have been covered. This is why you may be seeing a lack of ‘day-of’ wedding planners when it comes to the professionals. But rest assured, we’re still here to help, we’re just shifting the phrasing a bit. Let us come in and wrap up all of the loose ends. We will make sure no detail was overlooked or forgotten. Because let’s be honest, that’s your biggest fear isn’t it? 

Whimsically Wed Featuring Myra Roman Photography

To help put your mind at ease, why not contact us and find out how you can get monthly reminders delivered right to your wedding email so you don’t miss a thing!

Why You Deserve a Wedding Planner

Wedding management services can save your life. And your sanity.

Congratulations! He proposed! Now what? Have you ever planned a wedding before? No? That’s ok! That’s why there are professionals. We’re here to help guide you through this amazing process. We’re here to make your life easier. We want you to be able to enjoy the fun parts of planning the best day of your life while we worry and stress about the ~ugh~ things. Wedding planners and coordinators can help you save money, keep you on track, and stress less!

We always start by determining your style and budget. In order to have a successful wedding, these two things need to align. Pinterest is super great for inspiration. But it’s likely that those pins were staged. They really don’t do a great job at portraying the costs of a real wedding. And what may be affordable to some, may also break the bank for another. Sticker shock is huge in the wedding industry. How much time did you spend going back and forth with a vendor JUST to get their pricing? As wedding planners and coordinators, we make it our job to know how much each professional charges for their services and how they structure their pricing. By determining your style, we’re able to help guide you to the best vendors who will be able to provide what you want at a price you can afford.

We also know how they work together too. If you’re having fresh flowers placed on your cake, you’ll want to consider if your baker has worked with your florist before. Do they agree on who will take responsibility for placing the flowers on your cake? It’s important to know who works well with others when liability issues can arise. And as coordinators, that is literally our job. To coordinate your vendors.

Who doesn’t love discounts?!

Lots of wedding planners are partnered with amazing companies. With all of the discounts we can provide to our clients, sometimes we even pay for our own cost of services! For example, Devoted Wolf Events has partnered with Kleinfeld Bridal Party were we can help you say YES at a fraction of the cost. And we’ve partnered with Minted. We can help you get discounts ranging from 25-100% off save the dates, invitations, monograms, and other various items and services.

If you’ve never planned a wedding before, would you know how long it takes for your caterer to serve each guest? If you want stunning outdoor photographs, do you know when golden hour is? Details like this are huge when creating your timeline. They may seem small and insignificant but it could mean the difference between a beautiful picture just before sunset when the lighting is perfect and a disastrously dark picture that no amount of light and airy editing can save.

Even if you can’t afford a full service wedding planner, you owe it to yourself and your friends and family to, at the very least, hire wedding management services. Don’t ask your best friend or aunt to help coordinate everyone on your wedding day. Ask them to be present and enjoy your day as guests. 


What used to be called day-of coordination has shifted significantly. There is simply no way to execute a successful event without coming in a few weeks prior to verify all vendors and details have been covered. This is why you may be seeing a lack of ‘day-of’ wedding planners. But rest assured, we’re still here to help, we’re just shifting the phrasing a bit. Let us come in and wrap up any loose ends. We will make sure no detail was overlooked or forgotten. Because let’s be honest, that’s your biggest fear isn’t it? 

To help put your mind at ease, why don’t you get our 19 page wedding planning checklist? It’s super easy. Just contact us today! Let’s schedule a complimentary consultation as see how wedding management services can help you stay stress free!