Wedding Planning

  • Virtual Wedding Planning

    Our Virtual Wedding Planning Package is designed for the couple who is tight on time and money but who is also looking for a Certified Wedding Planner for guidance and assistance leading up to the wedding day.

    This package is perfect for those who need a planner to guide them throughout the entire wedding planning process but who may not need help the day of the wedding.


    • Unlimited email access to your Certified Wedding Planner so that you can ask any question as it comes up. Be confident in knowing that you’re receiving the most accurate and relevant information.
    • Monthly email check ins.
    • Personalized Portal complete with documents, resources and tips + tricks to help keep your planning on track and running smoothly.
    • One hour phone chat two weeks prior to your wedding to help alleviate any stress or concerns and to discuss wedding day details.


    • 12 Page Detailed Checklist so you can make sure you don’t forget a thing
    • 6 Month Calendar to keep track of all of your appointments and payment due dates
    • 10 Page Wedding Detail Tracker to keep track of literally EVERYTHING from who is in your wedding party to who is responsible for collecting gifts and cards at the end of the night
    • Order of Ceremony Document to help guide whoever is directing your ceremony so they know in what order to send your wedding party and when to cue the musicians for each song
    • Vendor Contact Sheet to keep track of all contact information to make it easier leading up to the wedding, on the wedding day itself, and thanking them after the wedding has taken place
    • Budget Tracker that automatically inputs your anticipated spending based on your overall budget and is completely customizable
    • Cake Selection Checklist that helps you keep track of what you’d like to have for a cake
    • Flower Decor Checklist so that you can decide what you NEED and where you can help control your budget
    • Guest List Tracker that you can use to not only tracks RSVPs, but also tracks meal choices, table assignments, gifts, if you’ve sent invitations, save the dates, thank you cards, etc.
    • Photo Shot List to provide to your photographer to make sure you’re getting the shots you want
    • Song Selection Sheet that helps keep track of all of your music choices for the entire wedding day and wedding night
    • Helpful resources like a Gratuity Guide, Budget Considerations, Ceremony Example, Decor Examples, Emergency Kit Checklist, questions to ask each vendor when considering them for your wedding day, and SO MUCH MORE!

    A la Carte

    • Personalized Wedding Website to share details with guests​
    • Production of detailed timeline (includes review of all contracts)
    • Production of pocket sized timeline for wedding party
    • RSVP Tracking for every 50 guests
    • If you would like for us to physically be present the day of your wedding, you can add Day-of services to any Virtual Package


    We guide you throughout your wedding planning journey to ensure you know what to do and when to do it and that nothing is overlooked.

    For busy couples who are on a budget but still want a professional wedding planner to guide them throughout the wedding planning process & don’t need a planner there to direct the rehearsal or wedding day.  If you have a church director or family member directing the actual rehearsal and wedding day then this service will ensure you have everything planned for your big day.  

    No, virtual wedding planning includes assistance in planning your wedding throughout the planning process virtually.  It does not include directing the wedding day.  If you need this service please contact us.


    I am a Certified Wedding Planner with over 4 years of experience planning weddings. With virtual wedding planning you get customized budgets and checklists that are specific to your wedding and not a generic checklist or budget. You get access to your planner to ask any questions you may have and will know everything you need to do to properly plan your wedding.

    With local averages of between $1,500-$2,000 for Day-of Coordination services, this Virtual Wedding Planning Package is a steal at only $600. Payment plans are available making it easy for you to it break down into manageable monthly installments leading up to your wedding day. A la Carte options are priced separately and based on availability. 

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  • Say Yes to the Best!

    We’ve teamed up with Billie of Best Day Ever Weddings and Jasmine of Let It Be Lovely Events to bring you a video addressing major concerns and questions we’ve had from clients and those affected by this crisis. 

    Huge thanks to John of PGP Weddings for hosting us on his show Say Yes to the Best

    Link to our Facebook Group

    Link to our Ask Us Anything Form

    Here is a list of some of the common questions we’ve been asked that we address in our video (and a timestamp of where to find the answer!):

    • Should I postpone or cancel my wedding? (2:33)
    • My wedding is scheduled for May, June, July 2020 in NJ.  Should I postpone? (6:01)
    • My destination wedding is scheduled for May, June, July 2020.  Should I postpone? (7:55)
    • What is the process I should go through in order to postpone my wedding? (9:43)
    • Now that I’ve decided to postpone my wedding, I’ve learned that one or more of my vendors aren’t available on my new wedding date.  What do I do? (12:23)
    • How should I notify my guests that my wedding has been postponed? (14:18)
    • How should I handle the payments that would be due to my vendors based on my original date seeing my new wedding is months later? (15:33)
    • Is there a way that I can still get married on my original wedding date? (17:21)
    • Now that my wedding date has moved out several months or more and my planning is essentially done, what should I do with the time between now and then? (18:50)
    • My wedding is scheduled for 2021 and I’ve not started planning.  What should I do? (20:40)

    BONUS: Why hire a wedding planner now? (23:27)


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  • Top Date Ideas for Quarantined Couples

    Now, more than ever, is a time to take every win we can. Every silver lining. Every small blessing.

    One of the best things I’ve experienced through all of this is the time I’ve gained with my husband. And, of course, our ridiculous dog.

    I’ve been working from home for some time. He, on the other hand, just started. So it’s been fun to help him acclimate to a homebound work schedule. Does that mean I need to remind him to actually go upstairs and work and stop bugging me? DAILY. But that also means we get to finally have lunch together. And if we both finish up early for the day, we get to come up with fun new things to do together to help keep our minds off of this crazy situation we’ve found ourselves in. 

    Here are our top date ideas for quarantined couples:

    -locals, there’s a special treat for you towards the bottom!
    • We’ll get this one out of the way real quick because there’s only so much Netflix and Chill we can all agree on. But, the couple that binges together, stays together. If you haven’t already been witness to the Tiger King train-wreck, do yourself a favor. Just hop on. Then you’ll both finally get to appreciate all of the glorious memes floating around social media right now. What a time to be alive…
    • Have a spa day. Pamper each other. Don’t lie, you love it. 
    • Who doesn’t love a picnic? Put together a quick little pile of snack foods. We know that’s all you bought when you went shopping two weeks ago. Get out in the yard! Take a blanket, some Cheez-Its, maybe even that bottle of wine you’ve been ‘saving’ and take turns practicing bird calls.
    • Give in to the video games. Find one you both can enjoy. Whether you’re destroying together or destroying each other, you’re sharing the experience. And that’s fun, right?
    • Take a yoga class together. If you had a yogi, chances are, they’ve gone virtual to help you out! Follow their Facebook or Instagram for their latest updates. If you didn’t have one before, now is the time! A quick search and we’re sure you’ll find one you both enjoy. 
    • Join a book club. Or create your own! Give each other a list of your all time favorite books and set up a future date to chat about why they mean so much to you. Literary love can be so profound. 
    • Take a virtual tour of a museum you’ve always wanted to go to. A great place to start would be the Smithsonian. The National Museum of Natural History has a super fun virtual tour. USE TECHNOLOGY. 
    • On that note, learn a new subject. Or, better yet, teach each other about a topic you’re passionate about. Get creative with it. Have a presentation. 
    • Speaking of presentations. If you’re anything like us, you LOVE a good dinner party. “But if there’s no party, what’s the point in dressing up the table?” -you may ask. Stop it. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Dress that table. Light those candles. Why the hell not? (We’d love to see it if you do! Tag us in it and use the hashtag #DWEdinnerparty so we can feature you!)
    • Dying to see the Northern Lights? You can stream that now too. We’re telling you, technology FTW. 
    • This would also be a perfect time to look up to the sky. Less cars, less light pollution, more beautiful stargazing opportunities. 
    • I have two left feet. No amount of classes will ever help that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have fun trying! Have a dance party in the living room. Jam out to your favorites, slow dance to some oldies, and sing your Sasha Fierce heart out. No judgement. 
    • Get out in the yard and do some much needed landscaping. You know who you are. Plant a flower. Plant a tree. Some nurseries delivery. Check with your local ones and see what they’re doing to help the homebound masses. 

    If you’re missing your Atlantic City fix:

    • Dust off that old Monopoly set and try to take over The Orange Loop.

    • Turn it into a drinking game as if you really ARE at Tennessee Ave Beer Hall. 

    • Plan a Bourré Cajun-inspired dinner and give each other a show.

    • Finish it up with whatever chocolate dessert you have on hand. We know it’s not nearly as good as anything over at MADE. We recommend pretending.

    • “KEEP YOUR SPIRITS UP” by ordering delivery from your favorite distillery! If you’re in the surrounding area, check out Little Water Distillery. They’re offering free delivery with a Quarantine Pack! They’re literally the best. 

    • Go out for karaoke. Just kidding. Please stay in. Especially for karaoke. There are a ton of free apps. Yay technology! Yay drunk living room karaoke! You can even dress up as your faves!

    • And if your arm is aching with the need to throw an axe, we are not telling you to pretend like Westecunk Axe Throwing is in your backyard. First of all, that might not be your fence. What we are telling you to do is pretend like pillows are axes. Preferably inside the house. See where that takes you. 
    Let us know in the comments below how you're getting creative with dating!

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  • We’re Here For You

    The Covid-19 pandemic is on every news channel, across all of your social media feeds, and is completely ruining the vision you had for the best day of your life. This is a devastating time to be planning a large social event with the most important people in your life. You’ve been faced with the toughest decisions. Literal life and death decisions. But we NEED you to know something…

    You are NOT alone. You are not ALONE. 


    Not only are there so many couples experiencing this with you, there is also an entire wedding industry mourning for you. 

    Every weekend, they get to help couples across the world celebrate with their loved ones while devoting themselves to their best friend. 

    Now? Now we get to help couples across the world readjust their vision. We get to come up with creative ways to alter their plans if they’re desperate to keep their date. We get to help couples postpone their celebrations to ensure the safety of their favorite people. 

    We GET to do these things. Because we love love and we love you. We do these things because we know that if we can make the world just a bit happier, prettier, more romantic, we know that we’ve made the world THAT much BETTER. 

    You chose your vendors for a reason. You love them too. During these uncertain times, they’re not only worried about you and your wedding, they’re also worried about how they’re going to pay their bills, feed their family, and keep their business sustainable enough to make it through this. Your support will help them so that they CAN help you.

    The reality is that we have to take things day by day. There will be mistakes along the way. It might get messy. But life is messy. And marriage is equally so. 

    This message is just as much for our amazingly strong couples as it is for our wonderfully talented vendors:
    We can’t tell you what to do. But we can help guide you to the best decisions for your situation. We will always be Devoted to you, your family, and our community. We will always be transparent and honest with you. And of course, if there is ever anything we can do to help you during these constantly evolving times, please don’t be afraid to call, text, email, DM -whatever. 


    Couples: If you’re worried about your wedding and you aren’t sure what to do, we’re offering free consultations and customized game plans made for your specific situation. And if you need more hands-on help while you handle your family and everyday needs, we would be honored to take over any rescheduling or planning for you. Hop over here and let’s see how we can help!

    Vendors: We would love to help you out in any way we can too! If you’re interested in providing your availability, working together on a creative alternative for our clients, or if you would like us to help you promote, please hop over here and let’s chat! 

    We’ve created a Facebook Group for New Jersey couples and vendors so we can support each other. We’d love to welcome you!

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  • COVID 19

    What We Know

    That things are changing by the day. By the hour, even. 

    But to be safe, the CDC has recommended that for the next 8 weeks, we cancel or postpone events with more than 50 people. 

    (I hope by now we all know how to protect ourselves and what to do in case we believe we may be sick. But if you need a bit more information, please visit the CDC website. You can also find more information on their guidelines regarding mass gatherings there.)

    What This Means

    This means that if your guest list is over 50 people and you’re getting married before May 11th, you may be receiving a phone call or an email from your wedding venue. 

    Chances are, they are informing you that your wedding needs to be postponed. 

    What You Can Do

    Many venues are postponing weddings and supplying their couples with alternative dates. (If they haven’t provided alternative dates yet, please be patient. They may be dealing with events that are scheduled to take place sooner than yours.)

    Hopefully, your venue is providing you with next step options. If not, it may be a good time to reach out to a local wedding planner. We are constantly in communication with our local industry -so chances are, we already know who is doing what for their clients. 

    If you have a wedding planner, rely on them to collect all of the information you need to move forward. Don’t contact all of your vendors directly as we will have already started doing that for you. Chances are, your vendors are being contacted by every client they have right now, regardless of when their wedding is. 

    If you don’t have a wedding planner, I highly suggest contacting a couple of them. See what kind of services they are offering in these challenging and uncertain times. Rescheduling a wedding can be more difficult than planning one if dealing with vendors who do not have the same rescheduling availability. 

    (We would be honored to assist you with making the right decisions for your wedding.)

    If you’re unable to find a planner to help, begin by setting a new date. Start with your venue and work your way out from there by order of what you consider to be the most important. I say this because everyone has different priorities. If your photography and cinematography services are most important to you, you’re going to want to reach out to them first and find out what dates they have available. 

    If rescheduling is not an option, again, I would recommend a wedding planner. There will be contracts to review and vendors to contact. It can be very overwhelming. Especially if you are also dealing with having your family working and learning from home. 

    If you are getting married after May 11th, please be patient. Not just in dealing with your venue, but also your vendors. Just as I stated above, they may be dealing with events that are scheduled to take place prior to yours.

    We will update this page as we learn more.

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  • Questions for Caterers

    Have you struggled with what to ask your caterer?

    We’ve compiled a list of the top questions you should consider asking your caterer before signing your contract.

    1. How many weddings do you do per year?
    2. How long have you been in business?
    3. Are you licensed to serve alcohol?
    4. Can we provide the beer, wine, and liquors? Or is it strictly provided by the caterer? 
    5. How many staff members do you have working for your company?
    6. Do you specialize in certain cuisines?
    7. Do you have portable refrigeration and heating equipment?
    8. Do you create customized menu items? (possibly an old family recipe?)
    9. What do your packages include other than food? (linens, glassware, plates, chargers, etc.)
    10. Can you work with kosher, vegan, gluten, or any other dietary restrictions?
    11. Do you discount children and vendor meals?
    12. Do you have a cake-cutting fee?
    13. Do you charge for tastings? Do you do more than one tasting?
    14. If there is leftover food at an event, can it be brought home or do you donate it somewhere/throw it away? 
    15. Do you offer a coffee and tea service?
    16. How will servers be dressed?
    17. How much time do you require for setup and breakdown?
    18. How far in advance do you require final headcount?
    19. Do you accept all types of credit cards and payment forms?
    20. What do you require for deposits?
    21. How far in advance is the final payment due?
    22. What is your refund/cancellation policy?
    23. May I see your packages?
    *Of course, not all of them will apply, so please consider this a simple guide.

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  • Questions for Bakers

    Have you struggled with what to ask your baker?

    We’ve compiled a list of the top 25 questions you should consider asking your baker before signing your contract.

    1. How long have you been in business?
    2. Can I taste some of your cake flavors and icings?
    3. Can I see a portfolio of cakes that you have made?
    4. How many different cake flavors and fillings do you offer?
    5. What are your specialties?
    6. How far in advance are your wedding cakes prepared?
    7. Do you work with both fondant and buttercream?
    8. Do you do sugar paste or gum paste flowers?
    9. Will you be the one actually baking the cake? If not, who is?
    10. Do you offer gluten free or vegan cakes?
    11. Can you design a custom cake to match my theme, style, etc?
    12. Do you offer cake tastings for free? If not, what is the charge?
    13. How do you price your cakes?
    14. Do you allow me to choose different flavors for different tiers of their cake?
    15. Do you have wedding cake stands? If so, what are the rental rates?
    16. Do you make another cake for anniversaries so we do not have to save the top tier?
    17. Do you make grooms cakes?
    18. How many cakes do you schedule on the same day?
    19. How much is your average delivery charge?
    20. What do you do if the cake gets damaged in transit or at the reception site?
    21. Will you put real flowers from the florist on the cake?
    22. If the cake needs to be bigger or smaller due to number of guests, when is the final date to make changes?
    23. Do you offer discounts for off season or non-Saturday events?
    24. What do you require for a deposit?
    25. When is the final payment due?
    *Of course, not all of them will apply, so please consider this a simple guide.

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  • First Look

    Are you on the fence about a first look?

    It used to be that it was bad luck to see each other before the ceremony.
    But I think we can all agree that it takes a bit more than luck to ensure the success of a wedding.

    I’d love to break down some reasons as to why a first look is such a good.
    As a bonus, I’ll also add a first look alternative if you’re set on meeting at the altar. 

    Alone Time

    This may be the only opportunity you have to spend some “alone” time together.
    —Keep in mind you’ll want your photographer and cinematographer close by too.
    Take this moment to embrace one another.
    The next time you see each other, you have to wait to be pronounced before you can do kissy face time. Even so, it’ll be in front of all of your friends and family. 


    Imagine walking toward the love of your life as you’re about to vow to spend a lifetime loving each other.
    Beautiful, right?
    Now picture how it will really be:
    Surrounded by a couple hundred of your nearest and dearest.
    (Do you even know that person 7 rows back and 4 deep?)
    Talk about being a nervous wreck.
    But if you’ve already seen each other and spent that alone time really connecting, you’ll feel much more at ease and comfortable knowing that it truly is just the two of you going on this journey together. 

    More Photos

    It’s true!
    If you do a first look, you will have so much more time for photos.
    Now that you’ve gotten the first look out of the way, you can also get all of the bridal party and maybe even some of the family photos done BEFORE the ceremony even begins.

    Allowing you more time to enjoy…

    Cocktail Hour

    You’re spending a lot of money on that open bar and those butler passed hors d’oeuvres.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy it too?
    If you’ve already knocked out a majority of the formal photos BEFORE the ceremony even took place, you’ll be able to hop right into cocktail hour and grab a snack and a drink and mingle. 


    Let’s not forget how emotional you’re going to be on your big day.
    If you do a first look early enough, chances are, your on-site beauty team will be more willing to stick around for any last minute touch ups before sending you down the aisle.
    This means when you cry, you’ll still have someone there to wipe away that mascara and reapply your lipstick one last time.
    Talk about looking your best for ALL THE PHOTOS!

    Listen, if you’re on the fence because you don’t want to be seen in your wedding dress before the ceremony, why not get two? You could always use that one as your reception dress…

    Do you really need another excuse to go dress shopping?

    And as promised, an alternative.

    I get it. Traditions are so so important. I just want to make sure you’re cool as a cucumber and truly enjoying your special day. Have you thought about a first look with someone different in order to help calm those nerves? This option can also give you some fantastic photos to look back on. Doing a first look with Dad or Grandpa can be just as lovely. And if you don’t have a special guy in your life, consider your mom. She would absolutely LOVE to be included. This can be such a sweet way of honoring the person that has made an impact in your life. I’m sure you have at least one!

    Wanna know who we think the best photographers are to capture this moment?

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  • What Does a Wedding Planner Even Do?!

    Everyone says it… 

    "Something can and will go wrong."

    If you have a great wedding planner though, chances are, you’ll never have a clue as to what really went down behind the scenes. 

    But after 4 years of planning weddings, I think it’s time to break it to ya’ll. 

    Shit really can hit the fan. 

    Do you want your mom cleaning up that mess?

    Here are my top 85 favorite behind the scenes stories.

    —Not to scare you! 

    But maybe to open your eyes to the value of a non-biased, third party advocate who’s only job is to make sure there’s a smile on your face at all times. 

    We really are willing to do anything for our clients!

    1. Handle guests who show up after the ceremony has already started.
    2. Give family members ‘jobs’ so that they leave you alone all day.
    3. Run out and buy a missing or forgotten item.
    4. Rearrange furniture.
    5. Be your advocate when it comes to a vendor not following through with their contracted services.
    6. Take the blame when a guest or family member disapproves of a decision you made.
    7. Growing up in Florida taught me how to fill and run a generator!!
    8. Complete a reception set up in less than 30 minutes.
    9. Save your wedding cake when it starts to melt because the baker decided not to follow our carefully constructed timeline.
    10. Create a cake topper out of florals.
    11. Make the baker return and fix the cake when the cake is not at all what you paid for.
    12. Have a fork, knife, plate and napkin ready for your cake cutting.
    13. Have a damp napkin available during your cake cutting in case you decide to smash the cake in each others faces.
    14. Have drinks ready for you and your wedding party after the ceremony.
    15. Make sure mom always has a drink in her hand.
    16. Make sure your photographer gets the photos you want.
    17. Steam your linens when they’re super wrinkled.
    18. Figure out an alternative if you are short on napkins/flatware/dishes/etc.
    19. Re-create centerpieces to make up for ones that didn’t arrive or died in the heat.
    20. Go buy more ice/beer/liquor/water/cups/etc when you run out.
    21. Take care of drunk guests by calling them an Uber.
    22. Put your cards in a safe place.
    23. Move your gifts to the designated person’s car or room.
    24. Make sure sparklers are handled and lit properly and don’t light you or your guests on fire.
    25. Make sure guests know to take favors at the end of the night.
    26. Place table numbers and place cards in the right locations.
    27. Make sure the correct number of chairs are at each table.
    28. Make a rain call and handle the last minute plans for weather.
    29. Serve a dinner buffet when discovering that their catering for their backyard wedding was just dropped off food and not a staff of people
    30. Move items so they won’t get rained on.
    31. Make sure you have your requested items at all of your place settings.
    32. Find the owners of lost items such as phones, jewelry, shoes, cameras, purses, and more.
    33. Keep your vendors on schedule so you can enjoy as much time in the moment as possible.
    34. Gather your bridal party for announcements and special events during the reception.
    35. Tell your vendors when to be ready for all of the events throughout the evening.
    36. Sew buttons back on to groomsmen tuxes.
    37. Run out in the rain to guide vendors to where they need to park during a backyard wedding to hide all of the cars.
    38. Safety pin your bustle back together because it likely WILL fall.
    39. Ask guests not to use tablets or phones in the middle of the ceremony aisle (because it will ruin your photos).
    40. Make sure drivers actually make it to their location instead of getting lost.
    41. Setting up chairs (or drying them) at the last moment so the couple can have their ceremony outside after a rain storm.
    42. Uncorking all the champagne because the caterer is running behind and it’s five minutes until the toast!
    43. Move/fix lights so they will effectively do their job of lighting a location.
    44. Count all of your rented dishes/flatware/glassware so you don’t get additional charges from your rental company or venue.
    45. Clear fallen branches/moss/debris from your ceremony area when a storm has just rolled through.
    46. Have back up plans on top of back up plans in place with the ability to enact them all at a minutes notice.
    47. Tailor a groom’s shirt when it arrives in the wrong size.
    48. Bug your photographer to get you back from portraits so you can enjoy a little bit of your cocktail hour.
    49. Remind drunk groomsmen that the first dance is supposed to be for the newly wedded couple…NOT them.
    50. Take apart and rebuild an entire bouquet that you hate.
    51. Find a solution when you’re short a rental table linens -or any other items.
    52. Sew a bridesmaid into her dress when she forgot to try it on before the wedding.
    53. Help a member of the bridal party get dressed.
    54. Help a member of the bridal party use the restroom.
    55. Step in as officiant when the contracted one is stuck in traffic.
    56. Put out fires. Literally. 
    57. Keep things going when the power goes out.
    58. Find the extension cord that someone accidentally unplugged, causing half the lights in a tent to go out.
    59. Find and set extra tables during cocktail hour when people who didn’t rsvp show up.
    60. Signal musicians or DJ on when to start songs during the ceremony.
    61. Make an ATM run when the couple forgets to pay vendors.
    62. Suggest to parents of children that they tame their kids during special events like the father of the brides toast.
    63. Keep copies of special songs on their phones just in case a DJ who’s confirmed he has everything he needs actually doesn’t.
    64. Help gather/wrangle family for photos after the ceremony.
    65. Go buy $100 in black extension cords when the lighting company shows up with bright orange.
    66. Mop the floor on hands and knees minutes before guests arrive.
    67. Re-fold 150 napkins when the catering staff can’t seem to get it right.
    68. Clean the flower girls face with your hand/dress because someone thought it was a good idea to give her candy 30 seconds before the ceremony.
    69. Bus glassware from cocktail tables and ledges when the staff isn’t keeping up.
    70. Battling the caterer to NOT have coffee cups or sugar caddies preset on the tables…and removing them when they won’t listen.
    71. Remove the tip jar that the bartenders snuck out (when you’ve already paid gratuity).
    72. Clean up the bridal suite.
    73. Decorate the bridal suite and give the bridesmaids the credit.
    74. Act as an MC when client hired a club DJ who wouldn’t make announcements.
    75. Change a dirty diaper.
    76. Bring extras of everything you said you would bring – just in case you forget.
    77. Clean up your reception in the dark, including hauling trash cans and trash bags.
    78. Bring you a pretty hanger for your wedding dress in case you didn’t get one.
    79. Clean up broken glass on the dance floor.
    80. Pick up dog poop.
    81. Gather groomsmen and bridesmaids gum in their hands seconds before sending them down the aisle.
    82. Direct the groom’s EMT co-workers to a victim of a heart attack DURING their vows while calling 911 and locating the defibrillator on the property.
    83. Cut and serve the wedding cake when the couple forgets to add on the cake cutting fee with the caterer.
    84. Fix a broken heel as the bridesmaid was about to walk down the aisle.
    85. Find a fill-in for a vendor who isn’t able to uphold their contract.

    This list is in no way a complete list of the things we will do for you.
    And as a Certified Wedding Planner, DWE has been trained for these emergencies and we truly have saved the day!

    *some stories were borrowed from fellow wedding planners who we trust and admire* 

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  • Wedding Planners + Venue Coordinators

    Like the shot heard ’round the world:

    “I don’t need a wedding planner; my venue has a coordinator!”

    Instead of being worried about losing a sale, we’re more concerned for this couple and their expectations.

    Misinformation is the leading cause of unrealistic expectations (so is Pinterest!) and we’d love to help educate and shed light on this interesting topic.

    Most of the time, venues will have a coordinator. And they are more than capable of managing your wedding day timeline if that’s truly all you need. However, they are almost never responsible for any of the planning that happens before your wedding day.

    Questions about the fine print at the bottom of your entertainers contract? Not sure how to word the invitation when both spouses are retired military? Speaking honestly here, your venue coordinator just doesn’t have time to answer those questions. At least not when you need them answered. During the week, they’re busy showing off their beautiful grounds to couples just like you. And on the weekends, they’re probably juggling 2-4 events and making sure the banquet staff are ready to serve dinner on time. And due to high turnover, the coordinator on the day of your wedding may not be the person you originally met with when touring the facilities.

    If you decide to utilize your venue coordinator, make sure you are asking them the right questions and finding out what exactly their responsibilities are leading up to the wedding and on the big day. With that information, you are in a better position to decide if you really will need additional assistance and it will also help manage your expectations for them on your wedding day.

    -More often than not, the venue coordinator is not there to ensure that your outside vendors fulfill their obligations, set up your wedding decor, or manage your wedding day timeline.

    This is in no way an attack on venue managers or coordinators. We LOVE working with them to help make the day go smoother. On the contrary; we often hear about them getting bad reputations because they didn’t fulfill duties that were in no way theirs to begin with!

    So many venues are starting to require couples hire at least a day-of coordinator (check out my post on that here). They recognize that it takes teamwork to make your dream work! They’re able to focus on the things they need to while handing off the tough stuff to us. This process makes your day run like a well oiled machine. Because their main responsibility is to protect the venue and make sure that everything that they provide is in working order, and available to you and your guests. But when it comes to making sure the baker places your florists flowers exactly how you want on your wedding cake? That’s all me!

    Most people don’t think that hiring a planner or coordinator is within their budget. We know that it is a significant investment, but assure all of our couples that we are able to save them time, money, and a lot of stress. If you want to hear about how we could help plan your wedding day, please contact us today!

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