July 7th - July 25th, 2022

Every other year, our family gets together for vacation. Unfortunately, our trip was postponed last year due to COVID.
So we will be going on our family vacation this year!

We will be unavailable by phone but will be available by email. We will be checking our email periodically and responding as needed. Because of the nature of our trip, response times will be delayed. Please be patient with us as we enjoy time with loved ones. It’s been a while. We miss them. But we promise, we miss you too!

Follow along with us on Instagram. We will try our best to post stories of our travels so you can join in on the fun!

  • Thursday July 7th – TRAVEL DAY
  • Friday July 8th – Prague, Czech Republic
  • Saturday July 9th – Prague, Czech Republic
  • Sunday July 10th – Prague, Czech Republic
  • Monday July 11th – Prague, Czech Republic
  • Tuesday July 12th – Budapest, Hungary
  • Wednesday July 13th – Budapest, Hungary
  • Thursday July 14th – Kalocsa, Hungary
  • Friday July 15th – Osijek, Croatia
  • Saturday July 16th – Belgrade, Serbia
  • Sunday July 17th – Golubac, Serbia
  • Monday July 18th – Vidin, Bulgaria
  • Tuesday July 19th – Veliko Tărnovo, Bulgaria
  • Wednesday July 20th – Bucharest, Romania
  • Thursday July 21st – Bucharest, Romania
  • Friday July 22nd – Brasov, Romania
  • Saturday July 23rd – Bucharest, Romania
  • Sunday July 24th – Bucharest, Romania
  • Monday July 25th – TRAVEL DAY