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You need help. You need monthly guidance on what you should be doing. You’re overwhelmed by the vast number of vendors in each category and you’re having a tough time narrowing it down. You need help making important decisions because you’ve never done this before – and that’s ok! Maybe you need a little design help, too. We can supply linens, candles, misc decor, day of signage, escort displays, etc. We’ll setup everything we provide along with any of your personal decor not handled by a specific vendor and tear it all down at the end of the night. All while executing a thoughtful, well-nurtured timeline. With over 9 years of experience planning weddings, we know what questions to ask and what information we need to act on your behalf. We have documentation designed to make sure your day flows smoothly and incorporates all of your best moments for a truly unforgettable experience.  


>> Start HERE – by reaching out!

We’ll schedule a time to chat so we can get to know you and your wedding day needs

You’ll receive a proposal and want to move forward with a contract and retainer to secure your date

You’ll gain access to your own personalized planning portal with checklists and spreadsheets to help keep you on track during your entire fiancé era


We’ll meet and review all the plans you’ve made so far and come up with a game plan moving forward together

We’ll keep meeting monthly to make sure you’re always ahead of schedule, not behind

We’ll help you find the perfect vendors for your vision and budget

Need linens? Need day-of signage and decor? We can help! 

We’ll help you keep your spreadsheets and checklists up-to-date so we know you’re on the right track

We’ll attend your final walkthrough at your venue and start collaborating on your timeline by using some of the documents and spreadsheets from your portal – we make it super easy!

We’ll send your timeline to all of your vendors for review about a month prior to your wedding day so we can get the collaboration ball rolling


The week of your wedding, we’ll meet to review your timeline, your decor list, your guest list, seating arrangements and floor plans, and any last minute changes 

After that meeting, we’ll send the final timeline and any other important documentation to all of your vendors

Let’s get you rehearsed! and kept hydrated 😉

We’ll come in on the day of your wedding to set-up and execute the most crucial moments from the first formality to the last

We’re there to help tear down your personal decor at the end of the night, too! We’ll have it boxed up and ready to go so you can take advantage of every song on the dance floor

Read more kind words from clients

  • “As a guest, I can only attest to what happened on wedding day (but it was excellent!). The Devoted Wolf Event staff was there every step of the way ensuring each phase of the wedding went smoothly. The Devoted Wolf Event staff were extremely attentive to the Bride and Groom – making sure their requests were flawlessly carried out. Everything seemed to flow nicely and there was no awkward waiting around. I could tell that the Devoted Wolf Event staff cared with their attention to detail being off the charts. I just wanted to relay that I appreciate good service and a job well done!”

    – D
  • “This was the best decision I made for my wedding. When I met Desiree and Stephen at our consultation, they were punctual, professional and had a great sense of humor, so I knew they would be a great fit. Throughout every meeting with every random email I fired off, Desiree was well organized and on top of every issue. The wedding went off without a hitch. I would absolutely use Devoted Wolf Events for a future event. Highly recommend!”

    – Jaclyn + Justin
  • One of my biggest concerns was making well informed choices, wanting to avoid picking a caterer just to discover a better and cheaper option the next day. Desiree took care of that stress right away, doing an amazing amount of research to provide me a MANAGEABLE list of all the best options in my area, for everything! I was able to make well informed choices from a list of options specific to my needs, without the hours of researching that I did not have time to do. She was there from the moment I hired her until even a few days after the wedding.

    – Abigail + John
  • You and your team were so nice to me, my family, and all my guests. Every one talked about just how pleasant and outwardly kind you and your team were all day. There was no negative emotions all day and I really have to contribute that all to you and your amazing team!

    – Sarah + Jeremiah
  • I think the best part about having you was for the day off. Even with [the venue] team, having that extra set of hands to worry about my wants and not the venue wants or the guests wants was what made it extra special to me.

    – Kristina + Tim
  • My parents could not stop saying how much they loved you guys and how big of a help you were. Especially with my grandma, which means the absolute world to me.

    – Jenna + Dustin
  • You were so easy to work with, and so kind and responsive. Wedding planning is stressful enough – you need someone to make it easier.

    – Kayleigh + Patrick
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